Tocardo Turbines

In 2015 Tocardo installed the newest turbine-type (T2) for the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, part of the world famous Deltaworks. This installation is the largest tidal energy project in the Netherlands as well as the world’s largest commercial tidal installation of five turbines in an array.

Tocardo Turbineturbine2

To scale up the use of the successful T2 turbine, an important next step is made. Tocardo developed a one megawatt solution called the Universal Floating Platform (UFS) that can be installed in many offshore waters. In this way, our proven turbines can harvest tidal power almost anywhere in the world, covering some of the harshest waters.

About the UFS

  • 1MW rated power
  • Multiple UFS’s are placed together in a park to scale up to projects in the order of multi megawatts of power.
  • It is semi-floating, near the sea surface where the tidal currents are strongest
  • It can handle heavy waves regimes
  • It is relatively easy to install and connect at site. This minimizes the time needed (weather windows) for any operation.
  • It is located at the surface so the moving parts (turbine rotors) don’t affect seabed marine life.
  • Easy inspection during production

Offshore sites often feature higher depths and heavy wave regimes. These have been the key design principles for the UFS platform. With most of the structure below the surface waves can easily overtop and the structure will not be damaged by collapsing waves. Also, the top of the water column is usually the tidal sweet sport as tidal streams are the highest in the upper water column. The mooring of the UFS consists of mooring lines and anchors which are specified for the specific site.


The basis for the Minas project is formed by the standardized T2-turbine technology that has a rated output of 250kW. Building on top of this technology, Tocardo keeps improving the design in performance and yield generation. The design philosophy is to optimize the yield per turbine cost, and further minimize any slightest risk of production loss to reach the offshore wind benchmark in 5-7 years.

Technical Specifications

Type name: Tocardo DD1002HT+
Power output: 250 kW
Turbine principle: Gearless, variable speed, fixed pitch
Type: Bi-directional, fixed pitch
No. of blades: 2
Rotor diameter: ~7,5m
Blade material: Composite
Converter type: Frequency controller, AC-DC-AC, IGBT drive
Feed-in frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Feed-in voltage: 400V (customizable)

Tocardo Turbines

The generator is a direct-drive permanent magnet generator, which does not require a gearbox. The direct drive principle is already widely used in other industries such as heavy lifting and electric mobility but is also used by a number of large wind turbine manufacturers. It is perceived as a proven technology. The blades are fixed pitch and do not use a pitch system. Tocardo uses a patented passive bi-directional blade system to make the turbine bi-directional for tidal applications. There is no need for a yawing system to make the turbine bi-directional. All these design features make the turbine very robust and low-maintenance.

Tocardo Turbines

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